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ApTree offers a fresh and adaptive approach to professional learning. Our LMS streamlines the logistics of professional growth and allows managers to focus on employee development.

Changes in the post-pandemic workplace have impacted us all. The challenge of onboarding, compliance and regular training must be time/cost-efficient while providing an engaging learning experience. The ApTree LMS provides the tools to sculpt professional learning around relevant needs and dynamically deliver them. 

ASSESS your employees and clientele with ApTree Survey Builder to understand areas of needed growth. The survey report and dashboards sort data by demographics and provide deep insight into your organizational culture.

BUILD a library of courses and quizzes to enhance the skill set of team members. There are several ways to build

  • Create an original course with the ApTree Course Builder,
  • Start with our expert-provided templates, or
  • Redeploy proven training content coupled with assessments to confirm comprehension.

ENGAGE learners with adaptive learning pathways that adjust based on their performance. ApTree Learning Paths allow trainers to meet employees where they are by providing a dynamic learning experience that adapts to their competency. Learning pathways create emotional yet efficient onboarding and developmental sequences and make sure that on-the-job insights remain within the organization. The asynchronous delivery model creates opportunities for more meaningful face-to-face interactions by providing a shared knowledge base among team members to problem solve and strategize. 

ApTree LMS is perfect for HR directors, learning officers, and training managers who wish to provide a powerful learning experience that is not cluttered with unnecessary features. Carefully crafted training that consistently disseminates shared values and skills is essential for every organization to flourish. 

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